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Resepi Thai Mix Dessert

Thai Mix Dessert Recipes

Recipe Category: Resepi Pencuci Mulut (Dessert Recipes)
Recipe submitted by: Chef Maruko

Recipe Rating (1 Voters): Recipe Rating (9/10)

Masakan Thailand (Thai Cuisine Recipes)

Bahan-Bahan: [Ingredients]

3 cups of sugar
8 cups of coconut milk, sqeeze with floating jasmine water
1 cup of big tapioca, boil
2 cups of Singapore Lod Chong
2 cups of jackfruit, chop
1 cup of Klong Klang
3 cups of floating jasmine water

Cara Memasak: [Cooking Instruction]

- Mix sugar and jasmine water, fiter with white and thin fabric then simmer it until it sticky.

- Mix coconut milk with big tapioca, Singapore Lod Chong, Klong Klang and jackfruit.

- When serve, add syrup and blend ice if you need more cool.

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